International Womens Day

It is not the fine art of running a homepage. But in this case there no more words to add and due to fat that I am sick since back from Monitoring I hope you forgive me that I repeat this IWD article from last year.

Without all the extraordinary, inspiring, strong and passionated women that crossed our way in all the years of our engagement in northern Thailand and Shan State,  our work simply would not be possible.

Like so often elsewhere in the world it’s the women that make things happen. They are running most programs and projects. They are the ones who take care and teach the kids in the very most cases. They keep the home together. They are the ones who let us go and spend so much time in what we are doing with ‚between-borders‘. They run communities and let in many cases the men keep their faces by pretending, they are the ‚boss‘.

In military conflicts they are the ones who often have to suffer more and very different.

We want to say „THANK YOU SO MUCH“ for your inspiration, strength and care. We don’t want  to put mens approach and work down. But today it’s the day to honor what women are standing for in the special situations and life settings in the lifes of people on the run or migrant communities.

To be continued……..

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